“Paper Planes” by Elina

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Elina opens up her heart and soul and shares a bittersweet yet very real story with “Paper Planes”. With this track she speaks of how love sometimes can change and reach a point where one couple needs to become two individuals once more. It’s a sad yet true reality to some as it understands that people can grow and in this growth find that they want to take separate roads. The soundscape is uniquely soothing for she does not place the blame on herself or the other person, but accepts that they have reached a point in life where they can’t share it any more. It happens to most if not all at one point in time and it is typically considered part of the human experience for not only the brain learns and matures but so does the heart. So listen to this bittersweet poetry of this soundscape, for in it lies a most welcomed sense of understanding and personally, a motivation to push forward. Enjoy!

“…All our dreams and all our desires

Are paper planes in front of our eyes

Everything we’ve always believed in

Will it hold us back?

Cus love is harder than it used to be

And life is nothing like we pictured it

Who are we to blame ourselves for moving on

To become someone…”

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