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“Palm Springs” by Ariel Beesley

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Ariel Beesley comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the passionate and mesmerizing gem that is “Palm Springs”. With this honest and insightful soundscape, she paints a picture of love, life, and heartbreak capturing our imagination and pulling us into a world that we can connect with. There’s something so raw, so real and so refreshing about this song that you can embrace the story that unfolds in such a personal way. The verses range from the first moment in which you fall in love to the final touches after falling out of love crafting something so human and so easy to feel like our own. So listen closely, find your reflection within the verses and enjoy the passion and magic of this must listen gem.

“The song is called “Palm Springs”, and it’s the first single from my debut record. I’m really fucking excited about it.When you listen to the record — for me at least –there’s definitely an arc throughout it. I wrote the first part of the record when I as falling in love, and I wrote the middle of the record when I was falling out of love, was a wreck, and really fucking angry. And then I wrote the end of the record when I was falling back in love, but with myself. 

When I wrote “Palm Springs”, I felt it had that arc within it as well – you hear me going through a breakup and concluding with the idea that I’m really fucking good on my own.” – Ariel Beesley

“Loving you was always just my style

Now I see your face and I wanna cry

Radio comes on and I want to be

Singing with you

Loving you was never something new

Is it getting old ?”

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