“Out of this World” by Marna

UK based indie singer/songwriter/indie goddess Marna comes to us with a track that is utterly mesmerizing and soothing, “Out of this World”. With this dream-like soundscape, she opens up her heart and soul and lets us take a peek inside to discover a reflection of ourselves within. There’s something so human, so raw and so very much real about the story dwelling inside the lyrics that you immediately fall into her grasp. The track takes inspiration from love, from sadness, from longing for someone and it paints a bittersweet picture that strangely feels poetic and very much beautiful. Within this blend of verses, sounds, emotions and that certain unknown “it” that differentiates the few from the many we can find not only a story but a lesson about life that is needed and welcomed. So close your eyes, hold my hand if you want, and simply listen and enjoy this most wonderful musical creation.

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