“Out of my mind” by Alex O’aiza

Texas-based indie singer/songwriter Alex O’aiza invites us into his world as we explore the magic of “Out of my mind”. With this amazing musical creation, he re-defines what cool is and adds his face and name to the dictionary as they track lends itself to not only pull you but make you feel something. The soundscape serves as the perfect dose of escapism that our body craves and gives us the chance to be one with melodies and sounds that are intoxicating and one of a kind. His voice continues to thrive as he blends pop and rock sounds to craft his own personal brand of music. Alex has all the right ingredients to become a household name on the music scene and to make Texas proud to have such a talent that will shine brighter than a star. Enjoy!

“I wrote and recorded Out Of My Mind with talented producers and songwriters Austin Bello and Caleb Turman. At the time I was struggling financially and artistically, and I was in an identity crisis where I questioned my resolve. I feared I would have to put my music career and dreams on hold and put all my focus into supporting my family through some troubled times. Thankfully, the process of facing that and pushing through my fears made me realise how much I love music – I love performing it, I love writing it, I love living it. I realized that if I stop my journey now, life will only add more obstacles in my way. I decided to keep going, and Out Of My Mind was the product of this self-realisation. I pulled myself out from the deep end and chose to keep fighting for my dreams.” – Alex O’aiza

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