“Orange Juice” by Aimee Vant

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Aimee Vant comes to us with a powerful message with “Orange Juice”. With a sweet and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, she speaks of self-love and how sadly sometimes we forget about it as we lose ourselves on other people and other things. She knows that at times it seems so hard and so impossible to do, yet she lets us know that we can start small and something so simple yet so meaningful like packing an orange juice in the morning because we know we like it. The song is so soothing and refreshing to hear and in these current times remembering the little things feels extremely important to keep ourselves waking up every morning and moving forward. So listen, smile, drink some OJ in the morning and enjoy this beautiful soundscape.

“My song ‘Orange Juice’ describes the unconventional situation that finally made me understand self love. I had hit a mental rock bottom and the meaning of self love was staring me in the face in the form of a man packing himself an orange juice every day. I think that almost everyone can relate to the feeling of spending all their love on everything & everyone else and not having any left over. Orange Juice is meant to spread the message that self love is much more simple than it seems.” – Aimee Vant

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