“Operator” by Luna Bay

UK based indie rockers Luna Bay come to Wolf in a Suit with the electric and honest soundscape that is “Operator”. With this refreshing and uniquely contemporary blend of melodies and lyrics the guys explore the state of our current reality in a way that is so vivid and so raw. The track comes together quite perfectly and manages to only grab a hold of your senses and imagination but hit you with some truth as you are served one of the most amazing musical ambrosias out there. The soundscape is a must for a any music lover and truly has the right ingredients to connect with you and provide with the perfect escape from your current state of being. Enjoy!

“Operator see’s us as a band heading in a new musical direction. Produced by Larry Hibbitt (Sea Girls, Bloxx, Nothing But Thieves). The song lyrically delves into how people are disconnecting from one another. Also how our surroundings with things such as technology play a part in desensitising our thoughts and feelings when it comes to actual human contact.” – Connor O’Mara of Luna Bay

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