“Open up your head” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rock band Sea Girls are a known favorite of mine and there’s a reason behind it which can be easily heard in “Open up your head”. The guys deliver melodic contemporary indie rock sounds that carry within mature lyrics that hit a chord in the listeners as they come from a place of reality. They do not dwell in fantasies and impossibilities but instead, look within for inspiration making each soundscape so palpable and so real that you feel it in an instant. There’s something about their music that just makes us feel at home while also opening up our eyes for more of what the world has to offer. It’s a strange duality of bittersweet truths with inspiring lyrics that aim for us to take a step forward while understanding the steps before (whether backward, sideways o whatever they were). You can smile, cry, get angry and so much more with their track as they caress the most intimate part of our souls. So dive into their latest amazing soundscape and enjoy this must listen gem.

Open Up Your Head’ is about being your own worst enemy but having someone believing in you unconditionally. Some people struggle with self-esteem, some people party too hard, and some people feel stuck from making wrong choices. It can be crucial having someone who offers a hand out of those places we don’t want to remain in.Henry Camamile of Sea Girls

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