“One Thousand” by Kafka Tamura

UK/Germany based indie pop duo Kafka Tamura comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing and honest gem that is “One Thousand”. They embrace a reality we have all experienced as least once as they grasp that feeling of disconnect that at times creeps in. The soundscape is so unique, so raw and so perfectly inevitable as it fills you something human, real and part of you already. They understand the ups and downs of life and how at times exit does to press pause can appear out of nowhere. So dive into this realm they have created from sheer talent and understand of life. Enjoy!

“‘One Thousand’ is about feeling disconnected from your own life.  The lyrics “I’ve drowned before you know/My blood is just a melted snow” are about not feeling connected with your family, and the place that you live. Feeling discontent and dealing silently with it everyday.” – Emma Dawkins of Kafka Tamura

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