“One” by Natalie Lynn

Toronto based indie singer/songwriter Natalie Lynn opens up her heart and soul to share the mesmerizing beauty that is “One”. Setting the mood for the lyrics with a blend of ’80s and contemporary melodies she crafts the perfect home for her voice and her story to shine. There’s a certain familiarity within the verses that instantly clicks with you as the track unfolds and that personally is so exciting to find. The soundscape is utterly fun, passionate and rebellious as the love story starts taking over your imagination. It leaves an open ending which allows you to add yourself into this world that her imagination and her experiences have created really making us feel invested and hypnotized from the very first second. The track is a perfect addition to any playlist and really allows us to take a listen to a fantastic voice made to be heard by the whole world. So listen, smile and enjoy this must listen gem!

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