“One Day” by EXES ft. JOME

EXES joins forces with JOME and together they bring us a beautifully romantic yet bittersweet gem with their latest track, “One Day”. This amazing collaboration brings us a soundscape filled with hope and romanticism, yet it has that what if ingrained into that makes so much real and so in touch with the world. It does not fall into the black and white spectrum that some seem to believe life is, but it looks at everything and lets choice be part of the experience. While the song unfolds, you feel as if the story was yours and the routes where it goes are your choice and yours alone. There lies the true magic of this gem, it a perfectly imperfect must listen gem that flows softly through the airwaves painting a picture for you to interpret. Enjoy!

‘One Day’ is almost like our take on a winter love song. It’s a song that feels like the soft and romantic first snowfall of the season. Whenever we write with JOME, we always tend to hit that happy-sad sweet spot lyrically and musically. So, although the song is sweet, it hints at themes of love and death- the unknown territory of growing old with someone elseEXES

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