“On and On” by Family of Things

Canadian indie rock band Family of Things come to Wolf in a Suit with the electric and mesmerizing musical creation that is “On and On”. They unite melodies and lyrics to create a one of a kind soundscape that is sure to play with our senses and imagination. The track connects with us on a deeper level than most and the sonic experience makes for an intoxicating and thrilling moment that you are sure to want to play over and over again. They have crafted something so special, so out of this world that personally it has become one of my favorite tracks of 2019. So listen with me and explore each and every corner of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“‘On and On’ is a good wave of energy and colour, employing captivating drums and warm layers of guitars and synths to create a flow of powerful sound. The song contemplates desire to move beyond the chokehold of a current struggle, a current relationship etc., and trying to decide on which direction to move and when to make that move.” – Family of Things

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