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“Oh you are not well” by Chloe Foy

UK based indie singer/songwriter Chloe Foy brings to us all an insightful and inspired indie folk gem with her latest, “Oh you are not well”. With this refreshingly honest and real track, she caresses the borders of poetry and self-exploration as she speaks about what lies inside her head inviting us to look inside ours. The track personally feels like a conversation between her and her demons as they all come to understand that maybe they are not all so well as they thought they were. It’s a beautifully crafted soundscape that evokes something in us as we can clearly connect with the struggles she speaks off. Enjoy!

“Oh You Are Not Well is a song built on raw emotion and the experience of loss. Often songs come to me in a moment and tumble out and reveal my innermost thoughts, and this is one of those. Its subject is the difficulties we face negotiating our demons and the frustration and determination that comes with trying our best to do so. Ultimately should we give in, or try and live through them?”

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