“OH MY GOD” by Amberlake

UK based indie-pop duo Amberlake come to us with an honest and bittersweet gem that embraces the realization of breaking up titled “OH MY GOD”. With this track, the talented pair embrace the pain, the surprise, the doubt that arises when you tell yourself for a final time that “this is it” and there’s no chance of going back. It understands that when this comes one side by not agree with it and may want to give reasons to keep going, but you already know it is over. It connects the dots as this heartbreak does not come out of anywhere, it builds ups until it no longer can be stopped. So embrace the soundscape for it has a story that reflects our human experience and mesmerizes with the beauty of its understanding. Enjoy!

“We first came up with the idea for OH MY GOD when we were talking about past relationships and break ups. We wanted to capture that OMG moment when you’re about to break up with someone and the sudden realization hits you that ‘this is it’ and there’s no going back.”

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