“Obvious” by SUMif

San Francisco based indie singer/songwriter Steph Wells aka SUMif comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with her latest musical creation, “Obvious”. With this track, she delivers sweet, gentle and mesmerizing poetry that flows through melodies creating a one of a kind soundscape. The track calls you into a world so filled with magic, love, and something so palpable yet surreal that you can’t help but want to listen over and over again. There’s always something new waiting within the verses as the story unfolds and calls you out to become the main character of this realm. So dive into this unknown world and let SUMif guide you through her sounds and her verses. Enjoy!

‘Obvious’ is about the moment you are finally able to see through the blurred vision of denial. The answer was always right in front of you, but it took someone, or something, else to truly allow you to see it in focus.

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