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“Nothing really matters” by Gabrielle Aplin

UK based indie singer/songwriter Gabrielle Aplin comes to us all with a track that is sure to inspire and become a fan favorite, say hello to “Nothing really matters”. With this playfully seductive soundscape, she caresses the borders of love, friendship, growth and more creating a song that invites the listener to put their own personal touch. There’s something about the “you” in the track that matters more than anything that makes ambiguous and as you hear the track it takes a different shape for you. It could be a love song, an inspiration song or simply a personal quest to grow and reach that dream that little by little gets closer as you push yourself daily. I loved that open feel of the song that perfectly complements the positive vibes that roam through making it an instant hit in my book. So listen carefully, find your own route within this soundscape and enjoy the ride!

“Nothing Really Matters” is about the battle between the excitement of wanting to open up, and the fear of opening up. I was having one of those days where I questioned the validity and importance of everything around me, and how much time, energy and thought I gave to things that really, didn’t matter. It’s about focusing on what’s really important to you. I wanted to push myself vocally, challenge the way I think about structure in a song, experiment with how I say what I need to say lyrically, whilst still focusing on what it is that makes me the artist I am. This song has really pushed me and surprised me and I’m so excited to release it into the world!”

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