“Not loud enough” by Marius Bear

From Switzerland comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter Marius Bear and his bittersweet that “Not loud enough”. With a lively blend of melodies and lyrics he gives our imagination an image that is so real, so raw and so full of emotion that you are sure to feel something. He is honest about his story that understands how sadly at times two can start coming apart as the heart break slowly but surely telling us that the other person is no longer a home. It’s a sad story that will make you shed a tear but you’ll embrace for it is so well crafted that it is so vivid as it takes shape and form pulling us in and telling us something that we know. When two hearts start seeing different things it might be because we are not speaking loud enough for the other to hear and when we finally do it might be too late. So listen carefully and know that love and sadness at times go hand in hand but they are there to help you grow and move forward as you seek what truly makes you speak words of love louder than anything else. Enjoy!

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