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Premiere: “Nobody” by TRE ACES

“Nobody” by TRE ACES ft. Brian Karscig

Indie singer/songwriter TRE ACES joins forces with Brian Karscig to deliver the intoxicating and powerful musical gem that is “Nobody”. With lyrics and melodies that perfectly complement each other, he allows his voice to guide through this adventure of growth and power. He reminds himself that he has the tools and drive to make things happen, by doing this he gives us the chance to remember this as well and truly look within. He understands that through every path you choose there’s always going to be somebody who wants to pull you down and prevent you from being the best version possible. You don’t to listen to all the negativity and even though it’s hard remember the fire that dwells inside for it’s capable of burning all the nonsense down and giving a clear path to what needs to be done. Enjoy!

*Thank you TRE ACES and your team for giving the amazing pleasure to premiere a song once more (it’s been a while and I am going to get back to it).

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