“No Parachute” by Devin Kennedy

Indie singer/songwriter Devin Kennedy floats into the realm of the wolf in a Suit with the charming and playful musical experience that is “No Parachute”.  With this soundscape he embodies all of us when in love and feeling so secure and at peace with that person. It’s an intoxicating and most welcome feeling that he perfectly describes with his refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics. He understands exactly how finding this safe place feels and manages to paint a picture that is so vivid and easy to connect with. The track is a must not just for any music lover but for anyone lucky enough to have found a special someone or even searching for it, because this lets you know that love is the greatest high. So come on over and explore the magical realm of this amazing track. Enjoy!

“’No Parachute’ is about that special person in your life who makes you feel like yourself. Even in your hardest times they make you feel free and lift you up” – Devin Kennedy

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