“No more romance” by  The Drives

US based indie rock band The Drives comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet soundscape of “No more romance”. There’s something so real, so raw and so perfectly human waiting for us all within this melodies and lyrics that you are sure to connect in an instant. The track is mesmerizing and has something about it that just hooks you and pulls you in letting it take shape and form right in front of us. The instrumental and vocal approach is down to earth and blends old school and contemporary touches making it a stand out in the music scene. So listen carefully and enjoy the ride!

“This song is essentially about the death of a relationship. Lyrically, it’s dark and talks about the end of love and an unwillingness to accept when love is over. We used the word death a lot in this song because of how over dramatic and sometimes ridiculous it can sound when used in the context of love. Basically, the music is an attempt to celebrate the end of a romance in order to contrast with the bleakness of the lyrics.” – The Drives

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