“New Mood” by LPX

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Lizzy Plapinger AKA LPX comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the in your face gem that is “New Mood”. With this electric and refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics she gives us an insightful exploration of her self that could easily like she had explored within us as well. The track is raw and rebellious as it understands that we are all human and sometimes we mess up and we might fall on the same hole over and over again. She invites to learn from these moments and understand that mistakes are there to learn and to accept not ourselves but also that may change from the patterns we have followed are needed. She does not sugar-coat anything and that allows the soundscape to pull you in with a firm grasp. So dive into this fantastic passionate realm and embrace the sweet fire of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“Written and recorded in one visceral take fueled by a post panic adrenaline rush, it’s an anthem for change and breaking habits, committing to yourself and wanting more.” – Lizzy Plapinger AKA LPX

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