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“New Life” by Freedom Fry

French/American indie folk-pop duo Freedom Fry give life to an exquisite must listen gem with their track, “New Life”. Inspired by their new adventure not only as artists but as people, they embark on this new phase of being parents with hope and open arms in a way that is beautiful to see and hear. The track pulls you into a cinematic experience of melodies, lyrics, and emotions that transcend the limits of the speakers making us feel like part of this new era of the charming duo. The track carries within the hunger for the unknown that has just arrived as now they are parents but it does so in a way that we can feel invested and even part of. So jump into the mesmerizing and human magic of this soundscape and let it all hypnotize and pull you in. Enjoy!

“After we found out we were expecting a baby we’d sometimes have really deep, 4am-type conversations about what it was exactly we were doing – creating a person. Now he’s born and sometimes we look at him in wonder and think “Where did you come from?” It’s almost as if he came here from another dimension. “New Life” is about that. We sat down at our piano and the song poured out. We tried to make something slow and vibey but with a groove you could move to. Kind of like the French band AIR does.”

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