“Never Thought” by Hello Ocean

From Sweden comes the uber-talented and magnetic indie singer/songwriter Hello Ocean and her honest gem “Never Thought”. With this exquisite and realistic soundscape she embodies all of us at one point in time as we have all fallen for someone we shouldn’t at least once. Sometimes we act on it and sometimes it just stays as a fantasy, but when it does become a reality it really hangs on tight to your heart and soul. The track paints a picture that is so vivid and so raw that you know that the situation is wrong yet you keep on falling no matter what because there’s something that keeps you hooked.  She does not judge for it is something that while we understand what’s going on we just can’t help ourselves. We need it, we crave it and it becomes a necessity that is hard to let go (more than likely you will eventually, but it won’t be an easy task). So dive into this mesmerizing world and embrace the magic and bittersweet nature of this gem. Enjoy!

“Falling in love with the wrong person. Someone you’d never thought you’d even be into. Despite all the warning signs, not being able to resist the temptation. So infatuated with and charmed by them that no words of advise from you friends will do the trick. You just cannot stay away. That’s what “Never Thought” is about.” – Hello Ocean

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