“Never been in love” by Gatlin

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Gatlin comes to Wolf in a suit once more with an amazing musical creation “Never been in love”. With this unique exploration of what it means to be in love, she opens up her heart and soul and really invites us to ask ourselves how many times we have really felt it (if ever). It’s an honest track that steps away from the fairytales that we hear so often and gets down to what love really means. It’s honestly beautiful and flows just like a poem that speaks to the reality of our fragile human condition in a way that connects with all who listen and really embraces our senses. There’s something about this track that is sure to hit the right spot and speak to your imagination as you question yourself and search for what love is/has been/will be for you. Enjoy!

“I wrote “never been in love” with Emily Falvey, Jack Newsome, and Christina Galligan. They had all written together before, making me the newbie in the room. We sat together talking, as writers do, about our relationships. I shared about all the boys in my life and all the heartbreak they brought. Someone said something about love being worth it, worth the hurting.  I thought for a moment before saying something like: “Maybe so. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never been in love. I’ve never gotten all the  – the over the moon, dancing in the street, staying up all night – I had never gotten that. I keep getting stuck with the lousy heartbreak.” This song became that story – my story. There are all those feelings I’ve never had. And there is this deep fear that the song tackles. The fear that you will never get that feeling. The fear that you will never be in love.” – Gatlin

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