“Nervous” by Jenna Lotti

Indie singer/songwriter Jenna Lotti opens up her heart and soul and lets us inside with the assistance of her track, “Nervous”. With this beautifully honest and insightful track, she takes her story and unites it with those who go through similar situations and gives us a willing ear and inspirational verses. As the track unfolds we are at ease for with her we know that she will not judge but instead will grant us words filled with hope as she smiles at us. There’s something so magically unique and refreshing as she unites electro-pop sounds with her incredible vocals making it an instant fan favorite. Enjoy!

“My song ‘Nervous’ is about the dark force of anxiety which has dominated my life since I was 10 years old. I’ve always used writing as an outlet to expose my inner demons and overcome all things negative in my life. I hope to pass that on and turn it into connection and enjoyment for anyone who listens :)”

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