“Nah Yeh” by SADBOii

Australian indie singer/songwriter SADBOii comes to us with mesmerizing and honest melodies and lyrics with his latest gem, “Nah Yeh”. With this refreshing blend of pop and electronica, he gives pop a much-needed shock of something new and exciting as the track instantly pulls us in. There’s something about his voice that is quite hypnotizing and charming as we simply walk towards this world he has crafted with the most trusting of hearts. The track is an invitation to understand not only yourself but others as we are all different and we are all creating our own stories in this amazing and utterly beautiful world. He reminds us that we are nobody to judge anyone and we could live a much peaceful life if instead of fighting we truly tried to have a conversation to understand what’s good and what’s bad and push forward together. So listen, be inspired, smile, and enjoy this amazing ride.

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