“My Name Isn’t” by LOVA

20 year old Swedish indie-pop singer/songwriter LOVA comes to us with an eye-opening rebel yell in the shape and form of “My Name Isn’t”. In the spirit of the current #MeToo movement, the women’s march and the confidence to speak up and let their voices be heard she gives women around the globe an anthem to sing along to. The track is catchy and powerful allowing the lyrics to really deliver the message in a way that should stick with all who listen. She speaks from personal experience and from what many women go through letting the verses create a story that many have seen. It invites not only women to speak up but men to do better and be better for we cannot stay stuck in the old ways and our memberships to the so-called boys club should have expired a long time ago. It’s time to speak up and call it like is, there are toxic things in the world and women have names and wants that we must all respect. So pay attention, listen closely and learn something from this amazing must listen gem. Enjoy!

It’s nothing new that we women are tired—tired of living in the background of men, tired of having to raise our voices to be heard, tired of feeling afraid late at night, and tired of always adjusting for men who cannot keep their hands and mouths under control.LOVA

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