“My Cure” by Damien McFly

Italian indie singer/songwriter Damiamo Ferrari aka Damien McFly comes to us with the purest and most wonderful love song in “My Cure”. With this mesmerizing and heartwarming musical creation he caresses our hearts and souls and speaks words of love, passion, hope and understanding that make us feel at home. We are pulled by his soft and charming vocals as the guitar sets the mood and the lyric tell a story that wakes our butterflies up in an instant. There’s something about this soundscape that is intoxicant, beautiful and in a way necessary for our senses to experience as it reminds us of the magic that can be found in love. Enjoy!

“‘My Cure’ is a song about waiting for each other no matter what. Not being afraid of being hurt by what life is gonna bring in a relationship, always hoping for one lover to save the other one whenever he/she gets lost is the meaning behind this love song.” – Damien McFly

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