“Muse” by Cate Tomlinson

The U.S. based indie singer/songwriter Cate Tomlinson comes to us with the amazing indie pop-rock gem that is “Muse”. With this track, she opens up her heart and soul and explores the sweet magic that can be found when you start falling in love. The track perfectly showcases the wide array of emotions that seem to come alive when love starts to bloom. She guides us to this realm she has crafted as the melodies and lyrics come together and pull us softly and with a warm touch as we instantly connect with this amazing track. Honestly, she has given life to something special and sure to be added to many playlists. Enjoy!

“I feel like [Muse] captures the best parts about starting to like someone, when everything’s going really well and you’re just vibing. It was one of those songs that fell into place really easily while writing because it’s kind of a stream of consciousness. The whole song is like the constant feeling of being hopeful.” – Cate Tomlinson

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