“Moshpit of emotions” by Isanna

Uk based indie singer/songwriter Isanna delivers a much needed musical creation with the amazing gem that is “Moshpit of emotions”. With this sweet and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, she invites us to escape into a different realm, one where we can be true to ourselves and truly be free. There’s something about the surreal and otherworldly nature of the soundscape that just pulls you softly and makes you feel an instant connection with both the artist and the person. There’s no denying that this must listen gem is bound for greatness as it carries in it all the right ingredients to be a hit with music lovers around the globe. So dive into the unknown and explore the ups and downs of this soundscape waiting for you. Enjoy!

“This track is inspired by the sheer force and beauty of epiphany. I wrote it in a synaesthetic episode, flooded with feeling and emotion all at once, as if my ideas and thoughts had suddenly taken shapes and were spinning around me in a colourful “moshpit”. It’s about knowing nothing at all in the present, and yet, every now and then, catching a glimpse of a bright future. I feel that now, more than ever, is the time to release this track. I hope it puts a little bit of color back into the world.” – Isanna

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