“Monsta” by BENEE

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented young singer/songwriter BENEE with the magical and otherworldly gem that is “Monsta”. With this exquisite soundscape, she blends melodies and lyrics that paint a picture that perfectly complements the season as it gives us a fine dose of something surreal. The track is playful, inviting and has something about it that instantly plays with our imagination letting the verses flow one after the other and tell us a story. Her voice is without a doubt one of the best I’ve heard in the pop music scene and she is sure to keep on shining and shining as she crafts musical gems that will make the world turn and listen. Come with me and let us explore the realm she has created with the utmost care and magic. Enjoy!

Thought I’d give you a spooky lil song for Halloween! I wrote it about a real fear I have of being taken in the night by someone outside my room…I’ve been loving a bunch of Arabic music lately, and in the studio when we were working on “Monsta” I suggested we find a line which follows a similar double harmonic scale—which you don’t usually hear in western music! I love the way that part has come out in the song.” – BENEE

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Recently, I’ve been seeing more and more of Benee’s music show up in my news feed, and I’m never disappointed! I love the double harmonic in this track and Benee’s overall willingness to take creative risks with production.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing what’s next from her!

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