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“Money” by Dopico

New York-based indie singer/songwriter DOPICO shows the world how powerful and diverse her voice can be with the gem that is “Money”. She embraces the fire that burns brightly within and speaks up in both English and Spanish allowing her message to connect and pull anyone and everyone. She caresses perfection with lyrics and melodies that flow through the airwaves with an electric charm that makes you look at her and be mesmerized by her talent. She does not shy away from anyone and allows her voice to embrace the dynamic and intoxicating charm it possesses in a way that is refreshingly unique and inviting. You can’t deny the fact that she knows what needs to be done and that she is a woman on a mission bound for greatness and success. She understands that while sharing your art is nice, you should also aim to live off it as it’s worth something and to build the empire she dreams of money is needed and required. So listen carefully and be hypnotized by her amazing vocals. Enjoy!

“People often acknowledge that it’s difficult to make money as an artist,” she said, “but they don’t necessarily discuss the giant upfront costs of actually producing art, paying collaborators for photos and videos, getting eyes and ears on the work, looking the part, and building a music career while paying the day to day bills.” 

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