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“Miss You” by Trinity Rose & Aidan Gallagher

Two utterly talented young artists join forces and together deliver a mesmerizing and beautiful gem titled “Miss You”. Say hello to Trinity Rose and Aidan Gallagher as they open up their hearts and souls and tell us a story about love and the painful reality of distance. While there’s a certain bittersweet touch within the track, there’s also hope and the pure nature of love making the whole experience so human, so real and simply so inspiring. You are sure to be hypnotized by the soundscape and as your imagination takes each verse to feed your soul with a story that will feel so real and so personal you will smile and realize that you are hearing something so special that it feels yours. They have really crafted something so unique, so charming and so inviting that any music lover will surely dive immediately into this world they have created together. Enjoy!

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