“Mirage” by Elina

Swedish indie singer/songwriter/indie goddess Elina is back at Wolf in a Suit with a track that comes straight from the heart, say hello to “Mirage”. The track finds itself right at that moment before moving on and after realizing that you must. It breaks your heart as you hear it but you can’t help but want to cheer her on and remind her that she must move on as what she is sensing is fear creating illusions of hope and a future that will not come. We can see our reflection in clearness of this soundscape as the track is so raw, so real and so utterly human that it even slaps you right in the face. Through its softness and bittersweet melodies, it carries strength and a will that is mesmerizing to see and to hear. So give a willing hear and pay attention for in this story lies your very own reflection. Enjoy!

“It takes place in the very centre of destructiveness before you’re able to move on. In the calm after the storm you start to regret that you didn’t do things differently in a relationship when you had the chance, you start to remember the good times and you become obsessed by making things right again. Even if it’s all a waste of time.”

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