“Messy” by YVR

Indie pop duo YVR come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with an electric and inviting dose of pop-rock with their latest single, “Messy”. They have fun and make us feel it as the track is completely enjoyable from the very beginning and the way the vocals become one with the melodies is just perfect. The lyrics flow from note to note giving life to the soundscape and making the track an instant favorite of mine. There’s something so raw, so real, so sensual that it might even undress you as the sound takes shape and form enveloping you in a world made of fire, magic and something else. So dive into their world and allow this talented pair to give you the right serving of must listen melodies and vocals that your body needed and craved. Enjoy!

“‘Messy’ is about the power of having your cake and eating it too regardless of what the consequences may be.”

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