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“Mermaid” by Be The Bear

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Christina Wehage aka Be The Bear comes to us once more with the mesmerizing gem that is “Mermaid”. With this finely tuned and beautifully crafted soundscape she grabs our hearts and souls and pulls us within the world she has created. With something and inviting melodies, she lets her voice carefully caress our senses with lyrics that paint a picture that feeds the hunger of our imagination. We dive without any fear of what’s to come and within the waters of this surreal yet human set of sounds and verses we are free. So close your eyes and listen closely as the song takes over your senses and feeds a dose of musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

“…Close your eyes
I’ll breathe air into your lungs
Tell you I love you
Follow me
I’ll take you to hidden lands
If only you let me now…”

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