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“Me and Bonnie” by Freedom Fry

Indie folk/rock band Freedom Fry comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the beautiful and inspiring gem that is “Me and Bonnie”. With this unique and refreshing soundscape, the talented pair delivers a sweet blend of melodies and lyrics towards their own dog, Bonnie. They let us take a peek inside their lives and let us know that this amazing dog goes with them on all their tours and quite frankly that is more than enough to deserve a song. The track takes a distinct route from most songs out there, but it is a welcomed change of pace to what we are accustomed to for not only people deserve thanks but also our pets. So listen carefully, smile and look to your side to your loyal furry companion and give them a big hug for they are there in the good and the bad always in your corner and always full of love. Enjoy!

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