“Martyr” by Maeve (NULA Remix)

The Cayman Islands native Maeve joins forces with UK based duo NULA and from this union, we get a mesmerizing remix of “Martyr”. This unique take on this amazing track is haunting and surreal while still allowing the story of the original to be heard and felt. And not only does the remix do the original justice, but it is perfectly complemented by the outer worldly visuals directed by Ed Smith. This refreshing take comes out of nowhere and hits us in an instant with a soundscape that captures the full scope of our senses. Truly something that is a must for any music lover. Enjoy!

The animation and the remix came together really easily and organically. I knew NULA would keep it dark and moody but would also take the track in a new direction. I got sent these really twisted visuals and I knew straight away that I wanted to incorporate the remix into them. I often write about the world and my experiences through a dystopian lense so it just made sense.Maeve

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