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“Mamma” by James Deacon

South African indie singer/songwriter James Deacon comes to Wolf in a Suit with an in your face passionate gem with “Mamma”. With this exquisite and honest blend of lyrics, melodies and youthful rebelliousness he reminds the world that if you want something you better be prepared to never give up and never stop until you make it. Life is long and your dreams are always waiting, but you can’t be sitting down and hoping that things just happen out of nowhere. There’s something about this track that serves as a wake up call to all who think that things should happen for them for no reason for life’s not like that. So get up, speak up and do something because dreams are always waiting to become reality, but you gotta do something about it. Let’s get on this ride and enjoy the adventure that life has served for us!

“…I need the masses to follow my footsteps

Won’t stop till I become

One of your false messiahs

Keep rolling till the battle’s won ‘cause…”

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