“Making Trouble” by Payson Lewis

Indie singer/songwriter Payson Lewis comes to Wolf in a Suit with the catchy and fun pop-rock gem that is “Making trouble”. With this refreshing soundscape, he blends melodies and lyrics to tell a story that is sure to wake up your inner bad boy/bad girl as rules start to seem like things you want to break. The blend of melodies and lyrics instantly feed your senses with playful and vivid images that make the track a must for any music lover. There’s something about it that just makes you want and crave more and more of this sweet ambrosia that is this must listen gem. So listen, smile, have fun, and enter the world of this fantastic track. Enjoy!

“Ever met that one person who you just can’t resist? Who you know is nothing, but a world of hurt, but you still just can’t say no? The one who has you breaking every rule you always said you’d never? I have. Hence, ‘Making Trouble’” – Payson Lewis

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