“Make us never happen” by SHY Martin

Swedish indie singer/Songwriter/musical goddess SHY Martin comes to us with the bittersweet and honest tale of “Make us never happen”. With this track she paints a picture that is so real and so human as she speaks of love and the lack of it from one side. The track is painfully raw and does not sugarcoat the wide array of emotions that are part of the experience of heartbreak and saying goodbye. The song does not search for who to blame but instead takes responsibility in the failure that is this “relationship” and understands that feelings like love are not ours to control but to accept when it comes to us. She wishes the best for the other and to be able to take away  all the hopes and dreams this other person had in regards of this relationships. She even hopes that she had never been part of the other person’s life, going to the extreme of wanting to “make us never happen”. There’s something about this track that is strangely poetic and sure to pull you in within the first second. Enjoy!

“…You pretend lend me all your secrets

Hoping I’ll be the one who keep ’em

‘Cause you thought that I’ll always be around

I’ve been chasing on every feeling

Hoping I’ll feel the way you’re feeling

Thinking I would’ve found them all by now…”

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