“Lover’s Calling” by Oddnesse

Indie singer/songwriter Oddnesse comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the captivating and unique gem that is “Lover’s Calling”. With this exquisite soundscape, she blends melodies and lyrics to tell a story that is so real and so human allowing us to find an instant connection with it. The track flows through the airwaves with unique and welcomed ease caressing perfection as it takes shape and form letting the verses paint a picture that instantly embraces our imagination. Dive into this world and enjoy the magical and refreshingly honest adventure.

“I was restless when I wrote this song. Change was inevitable, but I was afraid to act. I imagined all sorts of destructive consequences—hurt feelings, loss of status, judgement, stability—none of them real. In avoidance, I went numb for a while. Then one night came a full moon, a new experience, a new flirtation. It was just enough of a taste, of a fuller, deeper, mountaintop connection, to remind me that I still had life in me and something better was waiting. So I stopped clinging and let the cards fall. Because no one wants to be on their death bed wondering ‘what if?’” – Oddnesse

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