“Lover’s Blues” by Ben Wylen

Indie singer/songwriter Ben Wylen comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the bittersweet yet honest soundscape of “Lover’s Blues”. With this refreshing and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics as he tells a story that is sure to touch more than a few. The track unfolds a story of hate, desire and how they seem to come together with the magic of love in a way that is intriguing and so mesmerizing. He knows something that deep inside most don’t want to accept as they know that there’s something clashing inside their hearts and souls. It’s so real and so provocative yet you understand what Ben is trying to say because maybe…just maybe… you have experienced this (or maybe you currently find yourself in this situation). So dive into the reality that he has crafted and enjoy the ride that awaits inside.

One of the concepts about love that has always been the most intriguing to me is the idea that you might hate the person you love and simultaneously desire them. This is the ultimate paradox and one that lies at the heart of this song.” – Ben Wylen

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