“Love won’t let me leave” by Seafret

UK based indie folk/pop duo Seafret pull us once more into their world and this time they do so with the gem that is “Love won’t let me leave”. With this inspiring and charming blend of melodies and lyrics they tell our hearts to guide us through this soundscape and paint a picture that only we can see and feel. The track is powerful no matter what route you take as it reminds you of the magic and magnetism that is part of the beautiful feeling that is Love. It’s something so surreal and so unique that you simply dive into it with arms wide open not known what awaits as you are caught by the sweet unknown that lies within it. So listen carefully and let your imagination play around as it tells you story that will remind you how human and unique you are. Enjoy!

“We wrote ‘Love Won’t Let Me Leave’ before we started the main writing and recording for the album. Some songs have been left behind but this one stuck with us and we feel it fits perfectly into the album. We’re now proud to share it with you all! Hope you enjoy, Jack & Harry.”

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