“Love Me Like You Used To” by Savannah Sgro

Indie pop singer/songwriter Savannah Sgro comes to us with a bittersweet yet honest blend of lyrics and melodies with “Love me like you used to”. With this track, the talented songstress speaks about the other side of a love story, the sad end in which you know things are not the same. While this side might not be seen by all always, it is very much real and goes hand in hand with the definition of love. The tragedy that awaits as feelings fade away is poetic but most of all, it’s heartbreaking and leaves you with a scar that is hard to heal at times. She opens up her soul and lets us fall into her soundscape with ease as it embraces the possibility beyond the fairy tale. The track comes from a real place and therefore we can connect with it naturally and truly caress the beauty and magic beyond the heartache. Enjoy!

“It’s a living hell to deal with so much space

Act like nothing’s changed

And that we’re okay

Pretending that there’s nothing here we need to fix

How’d it come to this?

There’s so much I miss”

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