“Love Me” by Felix Cartal & Lights

Felix Cartal and Lights join forces delivering one of the most amazing tracks I’ve heard in quite a while with the perfectly electric gem that is “Love Me”. With Felix setting up the arrangements in motion and Lights delivering the vocals, the lyrics come alive and we are intoxicated by the soundscape in an instant. There’s something about it that just grabs your body and makes you want to move, to dance, to live and in my case to just write and write nonstop. It’s the perfect sonic experience and this comes from someone whose preference is in the rock and pop realms, but this song is just perfection. I was immediately hooked and felt invested in how the story unfolded from verse to verse as I was able to see a sort of reflection of myself, one that we will all probably see as we listen to it. So come with me and let us jump into the unknown magic and beauty of this soundscape and add to the legend of these two truly talented artists. Enjoy!

“The thing that made this collaboration so special is that we’re literally the only two people involved in this song. I wrote an instrumental, Lights wrote an initial lyric idea, we refined the chorus and arrangement together, then she tracked her vocals herself and I did all the production myself. It’s just us two creating every single piece of this song. A true collab. I love how it turned out.” – Felix Cartal

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