“Love Lost” by Paddy James

UK based indie singer/songwriter Paddy James takes a stab at the pain and anger of infidelity with his latest gem, “Love Lost”. With this track, he speaks of something that at times feels like taboo but it’s very much real: infidelity in a relationship. Whether we like it or not, it may happen and we are all in a position were anger, pain, sadness and more could surface. But if there were lies, we must see the bigger picture and understand that at least love is not being lost since it never was present. It’s a bit harsh to say but at times a straight arrow that does not shy away from the truth is needed. He allows his voice to traverse the soundscape with a fire that could burn a nation but instead lands carefully and pulls into a story that is intoxicating and so real. So let it capture you and enjoy one hell of a must listen gem.

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