“Love Again…” by Logan Prescott

Dallas based indie singer/songwriter Logan Prescott comes to us once more with some charming and intoxicating sounds in “Love Again…”. The soundscape comes alive in an instant and the melodies and lyrics come together to serve our senses a must needed experience meant to wake you up and play with our imagination. There’s something about the way his voice flows so perfectly through the soundscape that gives the pop genre a much-needed shock of new energy. The track is quite vivid and lush and instantly embraces you with all the necessary touches to make sure his body of work continues to grow as perfectly as possible. So dive into his realm and enjoy the sweet escape provided by this fantastic soundscape.

“…I can take on anything, no lie

When I’m picturing you and me together

Don’t tell me I don’t know what I want

And I can’t love her cuz I never met her…”

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