“Lost” by Henry Thompson

Young up and coming indie singer/songwriter Henry Thompson comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with “Lost”. With this refreshingly honest and human showcase of feeling and emotions he captures our hearts and souls as he speaks of things that we can connect with. He embraces the singer/songwriter persona with a passionate and slightly rebellious grasp as he puts pen to paper to express things that are so personal yet have the capacity to be universal. The soundscape will pull you in a speak to you as he shows the world that age is just a number and the maturity soul knows nothing of it. So listen carefully and dive into this world he has created. Enjoy!

“It is a song I wrote when I was having a dark time in my life. I was hurting people around me, but I didn’t realize it. In a moment, I realize that sometimes others blames themselves for decisions you make.” – Henry Thompson

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