“Lost Frequency” by The Swoons & Transviolet

The Swoons joins forces with Transviolet and together they deliver a bittersweet mesmerizing gem in the track that is “Lost Frequency”. The song is an honest and human showcase that speaks of the moments in which a relationship starts to lose that connection, that special frequency that kept them together. It understands that while sad, it is also out of control as you cannot force to be connected, to click with somebody for sometimes the stories lived are only temporary and not permanent. It’s beautifully poetic and sad but within all that lies a certain sense of hope and a conclusion to what hopefully was a memorable chapter in both lives. There’s something here that just evokes an instant connection of the listeners with the artists allowing feelings and emotions to burst out into the open. So cry, laugh and just embrace all that this soundscape has for us all. Enjoy!

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