“Loose belt drive” by Didirri

Australian indie singer/songwriter Didirri continues his rise through the music scene and this time he does so with “Loose belt drive”. With this refreshing and exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, he gives our senses a track that balances the old school and the new school in a way that is so exciting to find. The soundscape invites us to break down our walls and accept the fragile reality of our human nature in a way that is uniquely endearing and intoxicating while being subtle and soothing. He showcases one of the best vocals I’ve heard in a way and embrace his storytelling side with such accurate and honest manners that you can’t help but want to hear this song over and over again. Enjoy!

“‘Loose Belt Drive’ is predominantly written about sticking to your morals. Not being tempted by shiny new things. To remember those that love you and to keep them close where ever you may go. It is also a metaphor for anyone feeling worn out, as anything that is belt-driven eventually wears out. It’s a part designed to be replaceable.” – Didirri

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